Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ship Spotting

Something more esoteric.

What is it?


D. E. Reddick said...

It's the Finnish "coastal battleship" / coastal defense ship Väinämöinen.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello D.E.Reddick,

I won't try to spell it but that is what it is.
How did you get that so quickly?


D. E. Reddick said...

GrandLogistics / tangosix,

It was rather -obviously- a coastal defense class of warship. And most such classes of warship were built in the Nordic / circum-Baltic Sea nations. Clearly, there wasn't any RADAR or directors equipped with electronic additions. Thus, it was basically pre-WW-II or appeared early during that conflict. So, I checked:

#1 first, Sweden (nope);
#2 second, Denmark (again, no cigar);
#3 third, Norway (I should have known better, as the shown vessel was too modern for a Norwegian vessel of that period);
#4 lastly, after several seconds worth of consideration I realized that I was overlooking Finland...

After that (if I hadn't found what I did find) then I would have examined Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland...

Of course, the ship did feature Swedish weaponry (see #1, above).

BTW, I'm still waiting to be "dazzled."

D. E. Reddick said...

Going off topic, a bit - here...

But, some video gamers have -attempted- to portray historic naval actions. The following is rather good, even if it inserts some fictional aspects / elements into what is otherwise a historically documented battle action. It's a five-plus minute YouTube video. I enjoy viewing it, periodically. Oh, turn down your speaker volume, as the music track tends to play loudly.

1944 - Leyte Gulf - The Battle Off Samar.

Chuck Hill said...

DER, you got it while I was eating dinner. The Finns ultimately had to turn it over to the Soviets.

The only similar ships outside of Scandinavia and the Netherlands were two Thai coast defense ships built in Japan that had two twin 8" turrets.

They fought the Vichy French and lost. Although looks like there is some disagreement about that.

D. E. Reddick said...


Well, the Hellenic Navy did have a couple of ex-USN BBs at the beginning of WW-II. They were similar in terms of capabilities. Of course, the Nazis sank them.