Tuesday, 16 November 2010

David Cameron's Defence Policy?

To those who believed the recent Strategic Defence and Security Review was a question of how Britain might apply military power cost effectively in it's national interest,the end result was something of a surprise.

It appeared to have little to do with cost effectiveness or strategy.

There is no logical military or economic case for retaining the entire £12,000 Million Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft fleet for example.

The same can be said of the £60,000 Million Future Rapid Effects System.

The decision to eliminate the Royal Navy's aircraft carrier capability for the first time since Britain invented the aircraft carrier during the First World War is an absurdity in the context of an independent British foreign policy.

However,there is one context in which all of these decisions and others make sense.

It may be regarded as the inspiration of the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

This document is in effect David Cameron's defence policy.

Everything in it is in accordance with the Anglo French Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation which David Cameron recently signed. 

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