Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bunga Mas Lima

We have mentioned the Royal  Malaysian Navy auxiliary cruiser Bunga Mas Lima previously in a Ship Spotting post.

She is proof that the Malaysians have the good sense to choose a large,long legged,helicopter capable vessel for use on the huge expanses of the Indian Ocean.

Those with less foresight and understanding continue to push for "small water" warships to be used in these "big water" areas.

Such an approach is logistically demanding and tactically limiting.

Big ships like the 10,000 tonne plus Bunga Mas Lima have the range and endurance for long range counter piracy escort in the vastness of the World's oceans without the need for an expensive "fleet train" to support them.

Bunga Mas Lima has been in the news recently.

Yesterday she stormed a hijacked vessel,freeing it's crew and capturing the pirates into the bargain.

Well done the Royal Malaysian Navy.


steve said...

When anti-piracy is discussed at other sites I am always amazed by how often the "small ship" is pushed. And how much the helicopter is dismissed.

Chuck Hill said...

There seem to be an automatic connection between big and powerful (and expensive) in most peoples mind. It doesn't have to be that way.

The Brits were already using RFAs in this role. Pretty nearly the same concept--big merchant hull with good aviation facilities, small crew, long endurance, armament sufficient to deal with pirates.

GrandLogistics said...


unfortunately many in the British defence establishment still associate size with cost.
Very recently there was a general talking about smaller,faster ships.
I hope an admiral explained to him why those two qualities are contradictory.


Anonymous said...

a second auxilkary ship has been completed. Bunga Mas Enam (6). She is currently sailing to the Gulf of Aden to join and later relieve her sistership Bunga Mas Lima currently on station. The conversion of a second ship allows Royal Malaysian Navy to always have a ship on station, while the second returns home.