Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ship Spotting

Something which looks nothing like Warspite.

What is it?


D. E. Reddick said...

She seems to be of an inter-war design originating in the UK. While the apparent armament suggests that she' a destroyer, that single funnel would seem to suggest otherwise. Perhaps she's analogous to USS Erie and USS Charleston, USN gunboats / peace cruisers...

The configuration of the masts (crows nest), minimal gun shields, and lack of any gun directors suggest something built in the early 1920s. The visible gun mounts might be 4.7" British weapons.

So, perhaps a design constructed for a South American navy in the UK?

Chuck Hil said...

My guess, without having found it is a Japanese built colonial sloop and that the guns are 1.5" (14 cm).

My first quick glance I thought she was a Coast Guard 327 (half sisters of Charleston and Erie)

Looks about 2000 tons standard

Chuck Hill said...

Jupiter class Spanish gunboat/minelayer?

Chuck Hill said...

Got it, the Norwegian Minelayer "Olav Tryggvason," taken into German service as "Albatros" and later renamed "Brummer"
they were 4.7"

Chuck Hill said...

She did very well in sinking an R-boat and the torpedo boat Albatros, really a small destroyer.

The 4.7s were Bofors. The real surprise for me was that she had four torpedo tubes, although they were only 46 cm.

Very impressive ship for the displacement

Chuck Hill said...

DER, Incidentally the Charleston and Erie weren't intended as peace cruisers. They were intended to screen the US battleline which was limited to 20 knots. Because they were not limited by the Washington or London treaty, they could be built in any number and replace light cruisers in the anti-destroyer screen.

That was the concept anyway.

Chuck Hill said...

For all the Warspite fans, I found this beautiful site: