Monday, 10 January 2011

Ship Spotting

Now for something completely similar.

What is it?


Chuck Hill said...

But smaller.

A former frigate?

GrandLogistics said...

Hello Chuck Hill,

it could be.


The Bald Cuban Press said...

Quick stab: USS Constitution.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello The Bald Cuban Press,

U.S.S.Constitution it is,one of the most famous and most distinguished old warships in the World today.

You now have two kills,it looks like we need some harder ones to challenge you.


The Bald Cuban Press said...

I Only new it becaus I Had already found it in my arduous seach for the Vermont. it also seems that the heavy hitters sat this one out.

D. E. Reddick said...

Well, here's another picture of her from 1905.