Friday, 22 July 2011

Member Of Parliament Opens His Eyes

This blog is not about politics.

But as European integration is the driving force behind the British Government's defence policy it is difficult to ignore it.

It is also difficult to ignore the fact that many in the British political and military establishment seem to have little idea that British defence policy is largely driven by the European Union.

Mr.Carswell appears to be under the misapprehension that the British government follows a "buy British" defence procurement policy.

Even though it has for many years been following an avowedly "buy European" policy in line with European Union policy and at the cost of thousands of British jobs.

Military independence and political independence are indivisible.

Which is why independent nations try to buy domestically wherever it is practical.

Having surrendered the largest empire the World had ever seen as a result of inadequate security of supply,the British government should understand this better than most.

Without security of supply Britain does not have military independence.

Without military independence Britain does not have political independence.

Without political independence the British government cannot further the interests of the British people.

Even if Douglass Carswell does not understand the political importance of security of supply,the European Union certainly does.

However,if Mr.Carswell is not up to speed on defence procurement he does seem to have finally realised that the British government is following a policy of European integration.

Which he should have been able to work out from the tacit support of the Lisbon Treaty from Britain's Europeanist Prime Minister David Cameron.

The leader of Douglas Carswell's own Conservative party.


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