Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Extreme Fishing In The Gulf With The Royal Navy

The one that got away.

This video was published by Newsweek,and was brought to our attention by the CGBlog.

The article is unclear as to whether these are hostile Iranians or just innocent fisherman.

The video does not show what led up to this moment.

It is not clear if the boat was approaching the warship despite the visual and audible warnings or because of them.

Well placed warning shots clarified the situation for the crew of the small boat.

Post metrification,do youngsters get taught how big 100 yards is these days?

Note references in the video to "Port Battery P1",which we explained in an earlier post.

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steve said...

It is a shame the British public don't see more of this type footage.

A few weeks back I was having a look at the RAF equivalent of the Rum Ration and one of them said all the RN did was float about in boats there was no risk at all.

Well the sea is an ever present enemy. And in some seas there is a real present danger from man too.