Saturday, 30 October 2010

Logistics:Land Versus Sea

Some people believe that moving things by ship is expensive.

But this single ship transports 237,766 barrels of fuel.

 To move that same amount would take 2,000 of these trucks,which would cost a lot more than a single ship.

This ship can be operated around the clock by just 24 men.

 To operate 2,000 of these trucks around the clock would take at least 4,000 men who would cost a lot more to employ than the 24 men on the ship.

Consequently moving things by land is far more expensive than moving things by sea.

Which is why "stuff" is moved by sea whenever it is practical to do so.

It is also the reason why logistics costs for a sea based expeditionary force are far lower than those of a land based expeditionary force.


steve said...

I remember reading Vice-Admiral Sir Louis Le Baily explained water transport thus,

One horse could pull a barge containing all Members of Parliament.

But that horse's power if used for flight could hardly one of those large books of law in front of the Speaker's chair.

This is why RAF tanker force isn't good value.

And why nuclear powered ships are truly supreme machines.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello steve,

that is a very good explanation.
I am planning to add a comparison of sea versus air transport shortly.


steve said...

It was very sad for me to learn that we lost the Vice-Admiral earlier this month.

He was truly a great man. His writings did much to shape how I see military and political affairs.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello steve,

the admiral's obituary suggests that he must have been a very interesting man.
It may be worth getting hold of some of his books for the library.