Monday, 11 October 2010

British Defence Spending 2009/2010

The following is the net "Objective 2" spending from the 2009/2010 Ministry of Defence accounts.

 Royal Navy

Aircraft carriers*                                               £349,202,000

Frigates and Destroyers                               £1,382,062,000

Smaller warships                                            £231,141,000

Amphibious ships                                           £353,932,000

Strategic sealift                                                 £33,223,000

Fleet support ships                                         £466,831,000

Survey and other vessels                                £259,551,000

Naval aircraft                                                £1,747,825,000

Submarines                                                  £2,523,777,000

Royal Marines                                                 £597,796,000

Total                                                              £7,945,340,000


Field units                                                  £10,795,012,000

Other units                                                    £2,889,857,000

Total                                                            £13,684,869,000

Royal Air Force
Combat aircraft                                                         £1,996,784,000

I.S.T.A.R. aircraft                                                       £1,584,172,000

Tankers, transport and communications aircraft           £1,169,978,000

Future capability                                                           £799,835,000

Other aircraft and RAF units                                         £1,450,174,000

Total                                                                           £7,000,943,000

Centre Grouping

Joint and multinational operations                              £280,224,000

Centrally managed military support                            £903,056,000

Maintenance of war reserve stocks                                £6,788,000

Total                                                                      £1,190,068,000


Total Objective 2                                                       £29,821,220,000

*The figure listed for aircraft carriers includes the £138 Million operating cost (including capital costs) of both HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal.


Martin said...

very interesting figures I have never sen suched detailed breakdowns before. Interesting to note that the Amry budget could pay for roughly 20 times the Marines budget. I am sure the cost of the Marines does not cover the entire three commando brigade but it makes you think. What would be more useful in Afghanistan 7th and 20th armoured brigade or a few extra commando brigades.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello Martin,

it is a shame there is not a better breakdown of the army figures.

I also have no idea if the army units supporting 3 Commando are in the navy budget or army budget.

Light troops and helicopters are in their element in low threat density/high terrain density environments like Afghanistan.

But we also have to fight in high threat density/low terrain density environments sometimes!

One of the stranger things in the budget is the Royal Air Force's "Future Capability".
I believe the Nimrod M.R.A.4 is included there.


TheRagingTory said...

Its bit late, but I FOI'd the Army breakdown, didnt get it.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello The Raging Tory,

thank you for trying anyway.