Friday, 8 October 2010

Dave C. For Carriers?

There are many rumours circulating about the ongoing Strategic Defence and Security Review (S.D.S.R.).

This report is rather more positive than many others we have heard in recent weeks.

This extract is of particular relevance to matters discussed here:

"Plans to use vertical take-off aircraft on the carriers have been abandoned, however, and cheaper jets that take off and land by using a catapult and wire will be used instead.

 The second carrier might also be converted from its conventional use to operate as a “floating platform” for commandos.

The Navy is also expected to be allowed to buy new frigates for 2020, and the Royal Marines will be retained instead of being merged with the Army's Paratroop Regiment, as some reports had suggested."

It is well worth reading the whole of Robert Fox's article.

Whether it is correct or not,only time will tell.

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