Monday, 1 August 2011

A New American Frigate

In an earlier post we gave an illustration of what we wished to see in a future frigate for the Royal Navy.

Today we will look at what might be a suitable replacement for the American Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates.

The above illustration applies existing American weapon and sensor systems to our "Falkland class frigate" template.

The Phalanx 1B.


Multi Function Towed Array AN/SQR 20.

All guns and missiles cover most bearings abeam of the ship,a narrow arc on the bow is covered by missiles,5" gun and a single Phalanx/SeaRam and a narrow arc on the stern is covered only by missiles and a single Phalanx/SeaRam but all weapons can be brought to bear on any bearing with a minimum of manoeuvering.

Other systems might include the Converteam Advanced Induction Motor.

All of these systems are "off the shelf" or made to order non developmental items.

The only thing which needs to be designed from scratch is a new hull to put those systems in,as the British can afford to design a new 6,850 tonne frigate,it is difficult to see why the United States' Navy could not do the same.

They could even share the Royal Navy's design (though the current design needs more work,note the poor firing arcs of the Phalanx).

The end result might be a frigate looking a little like this.

The configurable deck mentioned above is a flat load bearing area with access to the sea or pierside.

It may be enclosed or open.

It has connections for communications,power,potable and waste water services.

Items may be secured here by means of tie downs built in to the deck,bolts or welds.

Although it will be most often used as a location for boats and davits,the configurable deck can carry many other items including mines,mine hunting equipment,vehicles,submersibles,accommodation,stores,cruise missiles,sensors or any other mission specific equipment which the frigate may be required to carry either temporarily or permanently.

The unusual location of the Magazine Torpedo Launch System (an alternative to the Mark 32 Surface Vessel Torpedo Tubes found on American ships) is based on the principle of,as far as is practical,keeping ordnance towards the extremities of the hull for damage control purposes as well as allowing a simple arrangement of torpedoes stored facing for'ard but launching on each beam.

That location was originally conceived as a suitable place for heavyweight torpedoes,which are not commonly carried by modern surface combatants.


Chuck Hill said...

A proposed American "light frigate":

TheRagingTory said...

Bit of an odd question, I dont suppose you happen to know the foot print of an MK41 VLS do you?

I know the depth, but I cant for the life of me find the deck space they cover.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello Chuck Hill,

that is an interesting development,I may write something about that in future.


GrandLogistics said...

Hello TheRaging Tory,

there are lots of dimensions here:


steve said...

My current favourite idea for a "value" frigate is a hybrid of the Absalon and Iver Huitfeldt class. Basically the weapons and helicopter of the former on top of the engine fit of the latter. Though the extra pair of diesels would eat into the internal space there would be still more remaining back aft than most ships of that size for towed and variable depth sonar handling.

Nicky said...

My Idea of a frigate for the US Navy would be to take the Features of the Formidable class frigate, La Fayette class frigate, Valour class frigate and from the De Zeven Provinciën class frigate. I would look into a Multi Role frigate that has the capability to go into a littoral environment and has room to carry a company sized marine unit.

B.Smitty said...

Though not a frigate, I drew up a low-end destroyer complement to the Burke class based on the Gibbs & Cox entry into the Australian Air Warfare Destroyer program. It has an Absalon-like flex deck beneath the flight deck and hangar, and uses some DDG-1000 components.

Littoral Warfare Destroyer

Here is the original G&C version for reference,

G&C Evolved Burke AWD

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