Thursday, 4 August 2011

Italian Frigate Fired On By Missile Off Libya

There are reports that there has been a possible attack on an Italian Frigate off the Libyan coast.

The Italian warship Bersagliere was operating just 12 miles (some sources say 15 miles) from the Libyan coast at the time of the incident.

This is close enough for her 127mm gun to bombard targets ashore.

The missile is reported to have missed the Soldati class frigate Bersagliere by 2,000 metres.

The origins of the missile have been described as unknown which leaves open the possibility that this may have been a "friendly fire" incident (Edit : it has since been confirmed that the missile was fired by Libyan forces).

The Soldati class are small frigates related to the Lupo class.

These ships had an interesting history,having been originally ordered by Iraq they were never delivered due to an arms embargo,an incident demonstrating the importance of security of supply.


TheRagingTory said...

2km sounds like a very wide margin to miss by, but its probably not if the missile is running at you....

GrandLogistics said...

Hello TheRaging Tory,

if it was an anti-ship missile,it would have continued to fly on if it had missed the ship.

The problem is we don't know what type of missile it was or even who fired it.

At first there were hints of it being a blue on blue.

Yesterday the Libyans said they fired the missile.

Today the Libyans are denying involvement!