Saturday, 18 June 2011

Russia Buys Mistrals

Reuters is reporting that Russia has finally placed a long talked about order for French Mistral class assault ships.

France is to build 2 of the vessels with the other 2 being built in Russia.

It is interesting that a country with one of the World's largest land borders feels the need for such amphibious ships to deploy it's troops.

The article says that 2 French made ships will cost (U.S.) $1,520 Million ((U.K.) £944 Million) or $760 Million (£474 Million) each.

It is not clear if this figure includes any licensing fee or other costs relating to the 2 ships to be built in Russia but it makes an interesting comparison with the cost of British and American amphibious vessels.


TheRagingTory said...

Russias current long term security problem is protecting the Far East against China.

A land war in Siberia would be foolish. Hit and Run along the coast, at least might be possible.

Technicaly, its wargames are aimed against Japan.....

GrandLogistics said...

Hello TheRaging Tory,

of course the Kuril Islands!

With the critical fuel/payload trade offs of a helicopter,ships like the Mistrals make a lot of sense if you are going to deploy them far from home.

The problem is you need to out punch your land and sea based opposition.

I can't see the Northern or Baltic fleets doing that against European naval opposition,though that may change with the never ending European defence cuts.
I can't see the Eastern fleet taking on the Chinese,Japanese or South Korean navies either.

Though A Russian amphibious force could take on the small garrison of a Japanese island and amphibiosity allows ground forces to "hit em where they ain't" in continental operations.

These ships would be useful in the Black sea against Georgia and Ukraine.