Sunday, 20 March 2011

Libyan No Fly Zone Update

Since our last post on this subject a great deal has changed so it is time for an update.

Unfortunately things are happening so quickly this will probably be overtaken by events before it is finished.

Information is patchy at present so this will be updated as more becomes clear.

Summary Of Recent Events

The United Nation Security Council passed the Libyan No Fly Zone (N.F.Z.) resolution.

Libya announced a ceasefire.

Countries which had opposed the N.F.Z. including Italy decided to allow their bases to be used making the operation far more practical.

Many countries have now offered to contribute assets including Britain,France,United States of America,Canada,Greece,Belgium,Denmark,Italy,Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Operations have begun over Libya with reconnaissance and fighter sorties and most recently a large naval bombardment by cruise missiles.

Participating Aircraft 


6 F16s (349 Squadron/10 th Tactical Air Wing) at Araxos,Greece.


2 Sentry,1 Nimrod R1,Sentinel and VC10s are based at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Tornados at Marham England United Kingdom.

Typhoons at Gioia del Colle,Italy.


6 CF18 Hornets at Trapani Birgi,Sicily,Italy


6 F16s at Sigonella,Sicily,Italy


(Air Force)

2 Rafale B/C (Gascogne Squadron) at Saint-Dizier-Robinson,France.

2 Rafale B/C (Provence Squadron) at Saint-Dizier-Robinson,France.

2 Mirage 2000D (Ardennes Squadron) at Nancy,France.

2 Mirage 2000-5 (Cigones Squadron) at Dijon,France.

6 KC135 at Istres,France.

1 Puma,2 Caracal


Rafale (17F),Super Etendard (12F)

 2 Dauphin,1 Alouette 

Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle


4 f16,1 Eriyeye

2 Super Puma


4 Tornado ECR at Trapani Birgi


4-6 Mirage 2000-5s


E3 Sentry at Trapani Birgi


6 F16s


United Arab Emirates

24 Mirage 2000-9s and F16at Decimomannu,Sardinia,Italy. 

United States of America


E/A18G Growlers at Sigonella,Sicily,Italy.

(Marine Corps)

Harrier II Plus on U.S.S.Kearsarge,Mediterranean Sea.

(Air Force)

1 Global Hawk at Sigonella,Italy.

F15E Strike Eagles at Lakenheath,England,United Kingdom.

F16CJ Fighting Falcons.

3 B2 Spirits at Whiteman Missouri,United States.

KC135 at Mildenhall,England,United Kingdom.


Italy has contributed access to a number of it's air bases and other facilities including Sigonella,Pantelleria,Gioia Del Colle,Pantelleria.

Spain has contributed access to a number of it's air bases and other facilities including Moron and Rota.

France is using a number of it's bases including Solenzara

Greece is permitting the use of it's bases.

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