Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Phoenix Think Tank

The Phoenix Think Tank is a new blog which is well worth reading.

It's has a particularly impressive list of contributors.

I was especially interested to see the involvement of "Sharkey" Ward.

Commander Ward gained three enemy air to air kills during the Falklands War and is also well known for writing this book,which I must admit to having read a very long time ago.

He also has a habit of stirring up some rather forthright views,which is not neccessarily a bad thing.

There can be no doubt that he is a subject matter expert on naval aviation.


Chuck Hill said...

Thanks for the link.

tangosix said...

Hello Chuck Hill,

the thanks should go to Alex,his blog has been quiet for a very long time,I was wondering what had happened to him.
He has clearly been busy.
There are lots of interesting articles there,I find myself agreeing with most of it.
I will add a link to it into the blog list.
It is nice to have a new blog to read now NewWars has closed down.