Monday, 27 September 2010

Future British Armed Forces

The British Strategic Defence and Security Review is in full swing.

The following is a very general overview of what I hope the results will be in the medium term.

For the sake of brevity only  the major capabilities have been included.

It is not by any means a "fantasy forces" but rather what may be practical given current constraints and procurement decisions which have already been taken or have yet to be taken.

A more ideal "future armed forces" can be found in this post.

Numbers of ships,aircraft and vehicles have been omitted as it is difficult to have any idea of exactly what can be afforded without knowing how large the cuts will be.

Royal Navy

1 carrier wing (Lightning II,Hawkeye,Sea Avenger)

1 maritime helicopter wing (Merlin H.M.2)

1 assault helicopter wing (Merlin H.C.4)

1 search and rescue helicopter wing (Merlin H.A.R.3/3a)

1 commando brigade (Supacat H.M.T.)

2 flying groups (Queen Elizabeth,Daring,Falkland,replenishment ship)

1 landing group (Falkland,Albion,Bay,Point,replenishment ship)

1 shuttle group (Falkland,replenishment ship)

1 deterrent group (Vanguard,Astute,Falkland)

1 patrol group (Astute,Falkland)

1 fisheries patrol group (brig/sloop)

1 minehunting group (brig/sloop)

1 survey group (brig)

British Army.

1 heavy cavalry division (Challenger,Warrior)

1 light infantry air assault division (Supacat H.M.T.,Pinzgauer,Landrover)

3 medium infantry divisions (FV432,Scorpion series,Mastiff and others)

1 flying division (Chinook,Apache,Wildcat)

Royal Air Force.

1 air defence wing (Typhoon)

1 expeditionary fighter wing (Typhoon)

1 transport wing (Globemaster III,A400M,A330 MRTT)

1 support aircraft wing (Sentinel,Nimrod,Shadow)

1 airfield defence wing (Supacat H.M.T.)

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