Friday, 3 December 2010

Ship Spotting

Something more black than white.

What is it?


Chuck Hill said...

HMS Captain?

D. E. Reddick said...

I believe that Chuck is correct. Those tripod masts and their interesting placement stand out. The placement of the two turrets is rather unique to HMS Captain. Although, I'm finding it difficult to make out the funnel in this picture.

Still, it does indeed appear to be Coles' folly...

GrandLogistics said...

Hello Chuck Hill,

H.M.S.Captain indeed.
A handsome but tragic vessel.
The sheds in the background are as interesting as the ship.


D. E. Reddick said...

GL / tangosix,

Did HMS Captain have a collapsible funnel? Some imagery shows a relatively tall funnel, while others display only a 'stub' in the same position.

And yeah, those sheds are definitely interesting in and of themselves.

GrandLogistics said...

Hello D.E.Reddick,

you may be right about Captain.
Her funnel appears to be sometimes there and sometimes not.
Other ships of this era had collapsible funnels.